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Popo's Dress Up

  Rating: Everyone

Dress up Popo the polar bear in warm winter clothes with all sorts of colourful combinations and patterns. Can you also complete 3 tasks in order to make the polar bear happy? He will give you an extra cute item to play with if you can give him a cooked fish!
tags: Kawaii Cute Bear Polar bear Winter Snow Dress Up Dressup en

Instructions: Use your mouse to click on the the menu bar buttons in the top right hand part of the screen to dress up Popo the polar bear. Click on clothing items for Popo and drag items for the snowman plus extra delicious items to decorate! You can also drag other items on the screen to complete your 3 tasks.

Controls: "fire": "na", "jump": "na", "movement": "mouse"

Author: ScorchedGames
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